Rail Tales – Emily’s Big Train Ride

Designed and illustrated for the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.
88 pages, Hardcover / Order a copy online at www.powerhousemuseum.com/publications

Rail Tales – Emily’s Big Train Ride (PREVIEW 2)

Monkey: Journey to the West

Three years in the making, this 9 metre mini-monument of etched granite can be seen the next time you visit Cabramatta, Sydney. It was produced and imagined with Popperbox and co-drawn with Matt Huynh. Visit the project page for more details and pictures.

Rail Tales – Emily’s Big Train Ride (PREVIEW)

The Decameron – Giovanni Boccaccio

Day 3, Novella 10: Rustico and Alibech


Sze Lok and Kev

A Life Lived in Defiance of the Season –

A talk by Roger Pulvers about enigmatic literary figure Lafcadio Hearn. Presented by The Japan Foundation. (Ill, AD, D)


Health/ Hendrick’s

Clay Mask

Mix on Watercolour.

Digital Dark Age

Book design for the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. Illustrations by Matt Huynh.



Life Drawing in Japan

A Type of Show

Spring for A Type of Show exhibition, presented by Like Minded Studio and kind of — gallery.


2 Skulls


First paid illustration job back in uni, and now, my first animated GIF! This 12 frame animation was first woven together by a spinning carousel for a window display.

Penguin Plays Rough

Illustration for the story Fidel Castro Moves to Surfers Paradise (by Felicity Castagna), as part of the Penguin Plays Rough book of short stories. The anthology officially launches on the 21st of this month. For more information, visit the PPR website.

Infinite Energy

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